Be A Sniper!

I probably won’t blog very often on Sunday but today I wanted to post something from my sermon this morning that sorta goes along with the post yesterday.

Over the summer, I had a conversation with my dad on sharing the Gospel that was pretty enlightening. Let me share with you what I got out of it. When it comes to sharing the Gospel, there are basically two methods we can follow. We can Spray and Pray or we can Be Snipers. These aren’t really dad’s terms but mine. In the military, spray and pray refers to putting your weapon on automatic and wildly shooting all over while praying you actually hit something. Snipers on the other hand are very deliberate in whom, how and when they shoot.

In regards to sharing the Gospel, spray and pray refers to doing all kinds of things to share the Gospel with people we probably don’t know. This would be things like knocking doors to share the Gospel with people we don’t know. It could refer to leaving a tract with a tip at a restaurant. It could even refer to inviting the person next to you in line to church. You do all these things to share the Gospel with others praying that it takes root in someone’s heart.

In regards to sharing the Gospel, being a sniper refers to intentionally focusing on 1-2 people with the intention of reaching them with the Gospel. This is investing in someone with the purpose of helping them come to know Christ as their Savior. With sniper evangelism, we pray for this person consistently. We pray for God to save them. We pray for opportunities to share the Gospel with them. We look for opportunities to share the Gospel with them. We take every opportunity we are given to share the Gospel with them. We invite them to church. We do whatever we can to reach this person for Christ.

As I read Scripture, I believe both of these are Biblical. I don’t necessarily think we should do one over the other. However, this week, I want us to focus on being snipers over spraying and praying. Here is what I want you to do. Think of one person that you see in light of eternity, know they are a soul that needs to be saved and will make the necessary sacrifices to reach them.

To find your person, think about people in your circle of influence. Use the acronym F.R.A.N. Friends Relatives Associates Neighbors. These people make up our circle of influence. These are people that we see on a semi-regular basis and probably have a relationship that we can build on in order to influence them for Christ.

Once you have your F.R.A.N. picked out, spend this week doing these very specific things to help them come to know Christ as their Savior.

Pray daily for God to save them. It is so very important for us to understand that we don’t save anyone. Salvation is of the Lord. We aren’t praying for God to help us save anyone. We aren’t trying to save anyone. We are praying for God to work through us in such a way that He will save them. We are to plant and water the seeds of the Gospel trusting in God to make those seeds grow. Knowing and trusting that God is the one who saves increases our boldness in sharing the Gospel.

Pray daily for opportunities to share the Gospel with them. Pray that your conversations with them might turn to spiritual things so that you can share the Gospel. If we are open to it, we would be amazed at how many things in our daily life can lead to spiritual conversations. Things like the economy, social unrest in the world around us, the general depravity of man that is revealed in so many news headlines. The opportunities to discuss spiritual things and share the Gospel abound if we are just open to them and willing to take them.

Invite them to church. Specifically invite them to church next Sunday. Next Sunday we will be studying in Romans 10 about the righteousness of the Gospel. This will be a very evangelistic message. This will be a great opportunity for them to hear about the righteousness that is only found through faith in Jesus Christ.

Follow up with them. If they come to church next Sunday, make a point to talk to them about the service. Ask them if there was anything they didn’t understand that you could help them understand. Ask them if they have trusted in Christ and have received the righteousness that comes through faith in Christ. Invite them to come to church again. If possible, take them out to lunch after church or invite them over to your house for lunch afterward. If this isn’t possible, then just be sure to follow up with them during the week.

Trust in the power of the Gospel. It’s important to understand that it doesn’t take a preacher to lead someone to Christ. Any believer who trusts that the Gospel is the power of God unto salvation for all who believe (Rom 1:16) can effectively lead someone to Christ. You can lead someone to Christ because the power to save comes from God and God works through the Gospel. Believe that God can work through you to save the lost.


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