The Myth of Safety


Few of the stories we hear on the news are encouraging. In fact, keeping up with the news can cause us to be afraid.  Fear can be a powerful motivator for our lives. Being afraid can cause us to change the way we live. When fear motivates us, we will do whatever it takes to feel safe. In an effort to make people feel safe on airplanes, TSA started using x-ray machines and “enhanced” pat downs. After some of the recent shooting tragedies there has been talk about greater gun control and even limiting certain types of speech that was deemed “dangerous.” When we want to feel safer in our homes, we buy alarm systems, thicker doors, more locks and maybe even our own handguns.

None of these are necessarily bad ideas but to they make us safe? Before you answer that question, consider these things. In 2007, there was a shooting at church in Colorado Springs that had an armed security guard. In 2009, there was a shooting at a fitness center in the early morning hours. One news story I read reported that three people were found dead inside their partially burned house. All three had been shot in the head. Another news story reported that a brother and sister were killed in a car wreck the way to their stepmother’s funeral.

I have come to the conclusion that safety is a myth and it’s kind of a waste of time to make it a major priority of your life. This isn’t to say that we shouldn’t take some precautions, that’s just being wise. However, to live in fear about being safe, to stress and worry over not being safe is pointless.  If you think about it you’ll realize I’m right. Let’s say that you buy super high tech alarm system and an M-60 machine gun for home security. A mouse can chew electrical wires in your walls, burst into flames and cause your house to burn down with you sleeping away inside it.

Think about when you are driving down the road. There are other cars coming at you at 70+mph and they will go by within a few feet of you. What if they are texting while they drive by or they reach in the floor to pick up their ipod that fell? Really, how much do they have to be off before they are coming at you?

You can eat healthy, work to stay physically fit, have regular checkups and yet the right set of circumstances can cause you to have a heart attack or stroke and die.

You can be Freddy Frugal that wisely saves and plans for his retirement only to watch as a crooked corporate official drains your life savings for his own personal gains. There could be a major economic meltdown tomorrow that would devalue the dollar and then where would we be?

Today I’m talking about happy thoughts and how to have them.  Not really but there is a point I’m trying to make. Earthly safety is a myth because ultimately our lives are in God’s hands. This is where our security must come from. Again, I’m not talking about doing foolish things. However, I am talking about being confident enough in God to find my security and safety in Him. We probably know this, but wonder what it looks like to live this out in our lives. That will be the focus of my blog this week.

For further study read Psalm 46.

Why should we not fear?

What are some of the mighty works of God?

What does God say?


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