Sunday Sermon, Transformed Service: Serving Like Jesus

Jesus turns the idea of greatness on its head. In the world greatness is often defined by how many people serve us. In the KOG greatness is defined by our service to others. What He says here is so contrary to what the world at large says. Jesus says that if  you want to be first, then put yourself last. To be great, be a servant. Not just a servant, but a servant to everyone. The word for servant means one who executes the plans of others. Being a servant involves an attitude of humble submission. This means that you must be willing to put the needs and wants of others ahead of your needs and wants. It is important for us to understand that being a servant is more that merely doing acts off service. It is possible to serve others without being a servant. 

Periodically we have to ask ourselves, “Am I a servant or a server?” Jesus wasn’t a server, He was a servant. If we are going to be like Jesus then we are going to have go beyond being servers to being servants. The question is, how do we do this? Let’s be honest, being a server is much easier than being a genuine servant. What can we do so that we can be like Jesus and be servants? That’s what this message is about


When I think like Jesus thinks then I’ll serve like Jesus served..


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