Sunday Sermon: Fan Or Follower

Jesus starts this part of the Sermon On The Mount off in a most disturbing way. He says that not everyone who expects to go to Heaven will. Given that roughly 80% of Americans believe there is a heaven and that the majority of them believe they will go to Heaven, this is no surprise. What is a surprise is the way these people address Jesus. They call Him “Lord, Lord”. We have to see from this that Jesus isn’t talking about irreligious people. He isn’t talking about the anti-God-good moral person crowd. He isn’t talking about those trapped in the kingdom of cults. These are people who would tell you they believe in Jesus and were saved. To put it in our context, these are people who probably go to Evangelical Christian Churches. In other words these are people just like us. Despite the fact that these people profess Jesus, they have never truly been saved, and therefore will not go to Heaven. The central truth this teaches us is: Fans profess Jesus without possessing salvation. . Speaker: Stacy J Ross. Matthew 7:21-23. Series: Not A Fan.

Source: Fan Or Follower


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