Personal Prayer Guide For Holy Week

Sunday – Triumphal Entry

Read Matthew 21:1-11-Jesus, I know that many of those who praised You as You came into Jerusalem also cried out “crucify Him” later. I don’t want to be a fair-weather follower so please purge anything out of me that weakens my faith and devotion to you.

Monday – Cleansing of the Temple

Read Matthew 21:12-17-Jesus, you were angry at the selfish, self-righteous legalism of the religious leaders because it kept people from being able to come to Your Father. Let our church be a place where all are welcome to come and meet you. Make me a person who is friendly, and welcoming when new people come to our church. Let me see them in light of eternity and care about their souls and salvation.

Tuesday – Last Day of Public Ministry

Read Matthew 22:23-46-Jesus, open my mind so that I would know Scripture and the power of God. Let me take Scripture at face value and believe that what it says was not only true then, but is also true now. Let me never limit what you can, will, and want to do in me, through me, and for me because of doubts.

Wednesday – Consider Fasting This Day

Read Matthew 6:1-18-Jesus, give me opportunities today to serve you by serving others. Draw me to times of prayer, and meet with me there. Give me strength as I fast. More than anything else today, I long to hear from You. Speak Lord for Your servant listens.

Thursday – Betrayal and Arrest

Read Matthew 26:36-75-Jesus, give me the courage to surrender to my Father’s will, regardless of what that may be, as You did. Give me courage to stand when opposition arises. Give me grace when friends betray me. Forgive me when I fail.

Friday – Crucifixion

Read Matthew 27:11-54-Jesus, I’m so unworthy of what You’ve done for me. I’m so sorry that You suffered because of my sin. But I’m so thankful that you took my place. I love You Jesus! Please don’t let me ever get over the cross. Let what  you suffered in my place always be fresh and powerful in my mind. Let it motivate me to live for you.

Saturday – Tomb Sealed

Read Mark 15:42-47-Jesus, I know there will be times when it will be difficult to be open about my relationship with you. In the times when I am tempted to shrink back, let me take courage and boldly stand with You, and for You.

Sunday – Resurrection Day

Read Matthew 28-Hallelujah! Jesus, you conquered the grave, defeated death, and were victorious over the enemy. You are risen and alive! Let me rejoice in Your victory. Today as we celebrate your life, give Your victory to others. Let many in Guymon be brought from death to life. Do things in our churches today that cannot be explained away by natural means. Let the world know that there is a risen Savior who mightily works in the world today.


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