Praying For Your Church Easter Service

Here are some ways to pray for your church Easter service.


Pray for opportunities this week to invite people to church.

Pray for the courage to take advantage of every opportunity that you’re given.

Write down the name of 2-3 people you will invite to church Easter Sunday, and also pray for their salvation.

Pray there will be more visitors in attendance than members.

Pray for visitors to feel welcomed into our church.

Pray for believers to arrive Sunday with a sense of expectation and excitement.

Pray for unbelievers to arrive Sunday with hearts that are ready to receive Jesus.

Pray that those we invite will come.

Pray that those who come, will come back.

Pray for people to be aware of God’s presence in our church.

Pray that this would cause believers to worship God passionately and cause unbelievers to recognize there is something missing in their life and that what’s missing is Jesus.

Pray for the Holy Spirit to powerfully move in our services.

Pray that the Holy Spirit would guide the song/worship leader, and the musicians as they play.

Pray that the Holy Spirit would anoint your pastor to preach the Word with boldness and clarity.

Pray that the Holy Spirit would use the Word as a light to dispel the darkness in people’s minds so they could see the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.

Pray that the Holy Spirit would use the Word like a sword to bring people to a place of deep and genuine repentance.

Pray that the Holy Spirit would empower the Word to be a hammer that would knock down strong holds people have erected so their every thought could be brought captive to the obedience of Christ.

Pray the Holy Spirit would use the Word like a fire to purify all who hear the Word.

Pray that the Holy Spirit would convict people of their sin, lack of righteousness, and the judgment to come.

Pray for your pastor as he prepares the message.

Pray he would have a proper understanding of the passage.

Pray he would have clear idea of what God wants said through the passage.

Pray for liberty during the invitation for people to be free to respond to Jesus.

Pray that marriages, and families will be strengthened and restored.

Pray for the lost to be saved, the backslider to be restored, the weak to be strengthened, the discouraged to be encouraged, and for everyone to be made more like Jesus.


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