Sunday Sermon: One Another

When we are first saved, it is right and necessary for the focus to be on ourselves. We focus on our salvation. Improving our relationship with Jesus. Our spiritual growth. All of that is good, and right. However, if we are truly improving our relationship with Jesus, and growing in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ, there will come a time in our relationship with Jesus when the focus goes from merely being me and Jesus to we and Jesus. Just as it is right, and good to focus on ourselves in the early stages of our relationship with Jesus, it is also right, and good to focus on others as we grow closer to Jesus. The closer I get to Jesus, the more I’ll care about others, their salvation, their relationship with Jesus, and their spiritual growth. Christianity was never meant to be me and Jesus have our own thing and we don’t need anyone else. Christianity was always meant to lived out as we and Jesus.. Speaker: Stacy J Ross. Series: One Another.

Click Here: One Another


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