Sunday Sermon: Myth #2: God Owes Me

If any of the myths I talk about in this series will anger someone it will be this one. All I ask is that you hear me out and listen to the entire message before you shut me down. If you are still mad at the end of the message, ask yourself if you are mad because I’ve contradicted Scripture or because your pride has been wounded.. Speaker: Stacy J Ross. Series: Myths That Make Us Miserable And The Truth Th.

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Sunday Sermon: Priorities

According to Jesus the main priority in our lives should be the Kingdom of God and we should seek it first. There is a lot that goes into the meaning of the Kingdom of God. The most basic understanding of the Kingdom of God is the place of God’s rule. It is the place where God’s will is always done. It’s always done the way He wants it done and when He wants it done. So our first priority as followers of Jesus is to seek His will to be done in our lives. So the central truth for us to know today is: My first priority is to seek and surrender to Jesus rule in my life. As we look at this passage there three actions we must take if seeking and surrendering to Jesus rule in our lives is our first priority.. Speaker: Stacy J Ross. Matthew 6:33-33. Series: Not A Fan.

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