Sunday Sermon: We Need A Vision Of God

One of the greatest needs in the church today is an accurate view of God. Culture today, even much of the Christian culture, has a view of God based more on feelings and fantasy than on Scripture. What we need is a fresh vision of our God. Isaiah gives us such a vision.. Speaker: Stacy J Ross. Isaiah 6:1-13.

Source: We Need A Vision Of God


Midweek Message: A Pattern For Revival

The word revival comes from the root word revive which means to restore life or consciousness, to regain strength, or to be given new strength or energy. In the case of spiritual revival, the restoration of life and strength, and the giver of strength and energy is God. Revival isn’t something we work up, it’s something God does, and we work out. But when does revival come? Ezra gives us an answer to this.. Speaker: Stacy J Ross. Ezra 1:1-10:45. Series: Ezra-Nehemiah .

Source: A Pattern For Revival

Sunday Sermon: Built To Last

As Jesus closes out His Sermon on the Mount, He teaches us how to build our lives so they are built to last regardless of the storms we face. Listen to learn what Jesus says about building our lives to last.. Speaker: Stacy J Ross. Matthew 7:24-29. Series: The Way Of Jesus.

Source: Built To Last

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